Sweepers and Scrubbers


The Ride Sweeper's compact size provides easy maneuverability and maintenance. It sweeps up to 132,000 SF per hour and offers six power settings to meet your facility's needs. It traps dust, sand, broken glass and bulky litter as well as airborne dust with the sweeper's Perma-Filter™.


The Walk-Behind Scrubber has a corrosion-resistant scrub deck and impact-absorbing linkages. Its easy-to-use Quick Train™ effectively reduces training time. FaST ® and ec-H2O™ technologies triples scrubbing time while its automatic solution metering system minimizes operator interaction.



The Terrco Grinder 3100 (four rotating heads) is optimal for jobs exceeding 10,000 sq. ft.. Despite the weight and size the 3100 can be easily maneuvered by a single person. It contains a stainless steel water tank, mild or stainless steel guards and can accommodate a wet and/or dry setup.


The Terrco Grinder 6200 (eight rotating heads) is optimal for jobs exceeding 20,000 sq. ft.. Despite the weight and size, the 6200 is easily maneuverable and has movable weights for easy single person operation. It has stainless steel guards with four vac ports, operates on a propelling system and can accommodate a dry setup. The handle separates from gear case to allow botht the handle and gear case to fit through a standard 36" door.

Shot blasters and dust collectors


The Blastrac shot blaster is versatile for any large job site. Its heavy duty blasting ability makes it ideal for applications such as airport maintenance and asphalt cleaning. The 1-15D is a walk-behind machine that when connected to an appropriate Blastrac dust collector provides a virtually dust-free environment


The Blastrac is a heavy duty dust collection system that is designed for its compact power and maneuverability. It combines power, efficiency, safety, and productivity all into one durable machine. This dust containment system is ideal for all types of applications, and all sizes of jobs.


RUWAC Little Red

The WNS2220 Little Red by Ruwac packs more punch than some vacuums twice its size. Its MicroClean filtration makes this machine perfect for fine, dry collection. The Little Red is equipped with a 25 ft. hose for hard-to-reach places while 88 CFM (200 CFM total) makes for powerful portable vacuuming in a unit this size. The WNS2220 is fully grounded, includes a foot-actuated 9-gallon dustpan for easy dust-free cleanup and durable compression housing.

RUWAC quiet red

The WS2220 Quiet Red by Ruwac has the same features as the Little Red with the addition of a sound suppressed motor deck for quiet operation. Like the Little Red, this model contains MicroClean filtration and has a 25 ft. hose. It also operates on a 200 CFM while the foot-actuated 9-gallon dustpan makes cleanup easy and dust free. The WS2220 is fully-founded and made from durable compression cast housing.

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