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Color Selection Guide

C.A. Reed Associates, Inc. provides this color guide for approximate color selection only. Colors will vary on different computer monitors and systems. Please see below for additional information.


Decorative Quartz

Decorative Flake

*Premium charge for Deep Blue, Safety and all Custom Colors.

Light colors generally provide a brighter, airier environment than dark colors.
Traffic & Abrasion
Wheel marks and dirt show up more on lighter colors than other choices. Abrasion is more visible on a dark floor than on a light one. Naturally, regular care and maintenance is required.
Generally, the darker the room, the lighter you may want the floor.
What is most commonly spilled on the floor? What color will obscure it best (or help highlight it the most)?
Batch Variations
Variations in the resin, pigments and other raw materials cause slight variations in finished product from batch to batch. While colors are matched as closely as possible, C.A. Reed cannot guarantee that each new batch will precisely match its predecessor.

Our Color Selection Guide is also available in PDF format.

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