Industrial Epoxy & Polymer Floor Specialists


Food & Beverage

I would like to commend you and your staff for the excellent service and workmanship that you folks have provided to us over the last few years. Particularly, I’m very pleased with your ability to handle large projects quickly and efficiently. It’s refreshing to have a contractor come in, perform quality work, and not cause me any headaches.

I’m especially pleased with the appearance and durability of the roughly 20,000 sq. ft. of 1/4″ Industrial Epoxy Topping that you installed in the spring of last year. We beat up on that floor pretty good and it’s holding up great.

Thanks again for the great work and I’ll be calling you in the near future for more work.”
— Plant Manager, Nation’s Largest Processor of Frozen Vegetables
I am very pleased with your guys work and the way they went about it. Over all the jobs came out good and always within our time frame. My thanks to everyone involved.

I have spoken with the other managers and they also are very happy with the floor. Again thank you and your team for a great job.
— Site Manager, One of the World’s Largest Soft Drink Companies
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